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Credit Union Movement

Cardiff & Vale Credit Union is an independant organisation, part of a much wider international credit union movement, offering a 'fair trade' approach to savings and loans.  

Credit Unions Across the World  

Internationally, there are over 51,000 credit unions across 100 countries, with 196 million collective members. For more information, visit the website of World Council of Credit Unions.

Credit Unions in the UK

There are around 400 credit unions across the United Kingdom, with over a million members. 

Credit Unions in Wales

We are one of the largest and oldest of 16 credit unions across Wales. Along with a number of other credit unions, we benefit from Welsh Government grant support to expand membership and services that promote financial wellbeing. Currently funded projects include our visiting officer, and support to open our current branches in Cardiff and Barry.

We are one of three steering group committee members who lead Credit Unions of Wales - a consortium of 10 credit unions who have committed to an ambitious strategy of collaboration and mutual support raise awareness and membership of credit unions across Wales. You can find out more at the  Credit Unions of Wales website. The collaboration works on themes of common interest, such as awareness campagins of and various media promotions, including a summary infographic to promote the benefits of using credit unions. 

All areas of Wales are covered by a local credit union. For more information, see the Find Your Credit Union website. 



Cardiff & Vale Credit Union. Registered office: 4 Working Street, Cardiff, CF10 1GN Telephone 029 2087 2373
Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority 213467

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